The Raval Data Commons (RDC) is an online open data platform that will allow organizations in the Raval to upload, share and use data. By uploading data regarding the three areas on which the platform focuses, organizations will be participating in the online ecosystem and will help to create an innovative environment. Besides, they will be providing the inhabitants of the neighbourhood with valuable insights.

The platform’s three areas of interest -housing, insecurity and commerce- were chosen due to their special importance in the Raval at the moment. The neighborhood is currently undergoing a housing crisis since the Spanish housing bubble burst and is now subject to real-estate speculation, gentrification and an increase in the amount of touristic flats (be it legal, and illegal). These issues have in turn affected the level of insecurity, with an increase of theft due to the influx of tourists, narcopisos, drugs and drug-related crimes. Commerce has also evolved in the past years, adapting to the new environment in the Raval.

The information stored in RDC will help neighbours in multiples ways, including day to day issues such as finding housing, identifying threats for the community or accessing updated information on specific services or products provided by local stores currently open in the neighbourhood.